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Fly Party

Fly Party

25 May 2017 / Escrito por  / Novedades

Los días 15 y 16 de julio de 2017 celebramos un Fly Party en Burgos.

Fly Party Burgos 2017 es una actividad para reunir a todos aquellos pilotos y aficionados que deseen pasarlo bien, acudir volando y para compartir su pasión.

Fly Party pretende ser la fiesta de referencia de los pilotos españoles y sus amigos europeos.

Fly Party es la gran “Fiesta” y no puedes faltar.

“Ven Volando y lo comprobaras”


 Para todo esto tendrás que hacer la inscripción en el siguiente enlace, obligatoria para todos:

La inscripción es gratuita.

Las tasas de llegada y salida, también  serán  gratuitas.

Puede que alguna actividad comporte gasto, si así fuera se comunicara oportunamente, para que libremente se apunte el que quiera.

El alojamiento será por cuenta de cada participante, en breve se facilitara información de los diferentes alojamientos, concertados y como efectuar la reserva.

Fly Party tendrá repercusión internacional 

Celebraremos el 3º European Bird Dog Meeting, con la colaboración del IBDA, International Bird Dog Association & Spanish Charpet 

Contaremos con presencia de Desafío Rallye

Tendremos la reunión de Classic Cessna Meeting & Piper Cub.

Y haremos una concentración muy nuestra de AISA y Bücker…. Y mas!!!

(Evento no abierto al público en general, sólo podrán acceder al aeródromo las tripulaciones de las aeronaves participantes)

En este enlace tienes toda la informació

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    Exciting Breakthroughs and Renowned Releases in the World of Digital Entertainment

    In the ever-evolving environment of interactive entertainment, there's constantly something new and thrilling on the brink. From enhancements optimizing iconic staples to upcoming releases in legendary brands, the gaming ecosystem is as vibrant as ever.

    This is a look into the up-to-date announcements and specific the most popular experiences mesmerizing enthusiasts worldwide.

    Latest News

    1. Cutting-Edge Enhancement for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Improves NPC Aesthetics
    A newly-released enhancement for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has caught the attention of fans. This enhancement introduces lifelike faces and hair physics for all (NPCs), optimizing the title's graphics and engagement.

    2. Total War Game Located in Star Wars Setting Realm in Development

    Creative Assembly, renowned for their Total War Games lineup, is reportedly developing a forthcoming release placed in the Star Wars Universe world. This engaging combination has gamers eagerly anticipating the analytical and compelling journey that Total War Games experiences are celebrated for, finally set in a realm expansive.

    3. GTA VI Arrival Revealed for Fall 2025
    Take-Two's CEO's CEO has confirmed that Grand Theft Auto VI is set to release in Fall 2025. With the overwhelming acclaim of its earlier title, GTA V, gamers are awaiting to see what the forthcoming entry of this celebrated franchise will provide.

    4. Expansion Plans for Skull & Bones Sophomore Season
    Designers of Skull & Bones have revealed expanded developments for the experience's Season Two. This swashbuckling experience offers fresh features and updates, engaging enthusiasts engaged and engrossed in the world of maritime nautical adventures.

    5. Phoenix Labs Developer Deals with Workforce Reductions

    Disappointingly, not every updates is good. Phoenix Labs, the studio developing Dauntless Game, has communicated large-scale staff cuts. Despite this setback, the title continues to be a popular choice among gamers, and the company stays committed to its audience.

    Beloved Games

    1. The Witcher 3
    With its compelling story, captivating universe, and captivating journey, The Witcher 3 Game remains a beloved title amidst enthusiasts. Its expansive plot and vast nonlinear world continue to draw enthusiasts in.

    2. Cyberpunk 2077 Game
    In spite of a challenging release, Cyberpunk Game continues to be a eagerly awaited title. With persistent enhancements and enhancements, the game maintains improve, providing gamers a look into a dystopian world rife with mystery.

    3. GTA 5

    Still years following its first launch, Grand Theft Auto V remains a renowned choice amidst gamers. Its sprawling nonlinear world, compelling experience, and co-op experiences maintain enthusiasts coming back for more experiences.

    4. Portal 2 Game
    A classic puzzle game, Portal is acclaimed for its innovative mechanics and ingenious level design. Its demanding conundrums and clever writing have established it as a remarkable title in the videogame realm.

    5. Far Cry 3
    Far Cry is acclaimed as exceptional installments in the brand, presenting fans an sandbox adventure rife with adventure. Its compelling experience and memorable entities have cemented its standing as a iconic experience.

    6. Dishonored Universe
    Dishonored Game is hailed for its sneaky mechanics and unique environment. Players adopt the identity of a mystical assassin, exploring a urban environment rife with political peril.

    7. Assassin's Creed 2

    As a component of the celebrated Assassin's Creed franchise, Assassin's Creed is beloved for its immersive narrative, compelling features, and era-based settings. It continues to be a exceptional title in the collection and a iconic within fans.

    In closing, the universe of interactive entertainment is flourishing and fluid, with fresh advan
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    ऑनलाइन कैसीनो में बैकारेट, पोकर और क्रैप्स जैसे गेम भी बहुत लोकप्रिय और उत्साहजनक हैं। बेटवीसा ऑनलाइन कैसीनो इन सभी गेम्स के विभिन्न वेरिएंट्स प्रदान करता है, जो खिलाड़ियों को अनूठा और रोमांचक अनुभव प्रदान करते हैं।

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    पंटो बंको बैकारेट का सबसे सामान्य रूप है, जहां खेल का लक्ष्य 9 के करीब पहुंचना होता है। वहीं, लाइव बैकारेट लाइव डीलर के साथ खेला जाता है और खिलाड़ियों को असली कैसीनो जैसा अनुभव प्रदान करता है।

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    Exciting Developments and Beloved Titles in the Domain of Gaming

    In the fluid landscape of videogames, there's perpetually something new and exciting on the cusp. From mods improving iconic classics to anticipated debuts in legendary series, the videogame ecosystem is as vibrant as ever.

    This is a overview into the up-to-date developments and specific the most popular titles mesmerizing players worldwide.

    Latest Developments

    1. Cutting-Edge Mod for Skyrim Improves NPC Aesthetics
    A freshly-launched customization for Skyrim has caught the attention of players. This customization brings realistic faces and flowing hair for all (NPCs), optimizing the world's graphics and engagement.

    2. Total War Series Experience Located in Star Wars Setting Universe Under Development

    Creative Assembly, known for their Total War Games lineup, is said to be developing a upcoming experience situated in the Star Wars galaxy. This exciting crossover has gamers anticipating with excitement the strategic and captivating gameplay that Total War Series titles are celebrated for, at last set in a realm far, far away.

    3. Grand Theft Auto VI Launch Revealed for Late 2025
    Take-Two Interactive's CEO's Chief Executive Officer has communicated that Grand Theft Auto VI is planned to debut in Late 2025. With the colossal reception of its prior release, GTA V, players are eager to see what the next entry of this celebrated franchise will bring.

    4. Extension Strategies for Skull and Bones 2nd Season
    Studios of Skull and Bones have announced expanded initiatives for the world's second season. This pirate-themed journey provides new features and changes, keeping enthusiasts captivated and immersed in the world of high-seas piracy.

    5. Phoenix Labs Undergoes Layoffs

    Disappointingly, not every announcements is favorable. Phoenix Labs, the creator responsible for Dauntless Game, has announced substantial staff cuts. Despite this obstacle, the release continues to be a iconic preference within gamers, and the team continues to be attentive to its community.

    Iconic Releases

    1. Wild Hunt
    With its immersive narrative, absorbing realm, and compelling journey, The Witcher 3 keeps a iconic experience across players. Its expansive plot and wide-ranging free-roaming environment continue to captivate fans in.

    2. Cyberpunk 2077
    In spite of a problematic arrival, Cyberpunk keeps a highly anticipated game. With persistent patches and enhancements, the release continues to advance, delivering fans a perspective into a dystopian world filled with danger.

    3. GTA 5

    Yet years after its original release, Grand Theft Auto 5 remains a renowned preference within enthusiasts. Its wide-ranging open world, captivating experience, and multiplayer components maintain gamers reengaging for ongoing adventures.

    4. Portal 2
    A renowned puzzle game, Portal Game is celebrated for its innovative mechanics and clever level design. Its complex challenges and witty narrative have solidified it as a exceptional experience in the gaming industry.

    5. Far Cry 3 Game
    Far Cry Game is hailed as a standout entries in the series, providing players an nonlinear exploration abundant with excitement. Its engrossing narrative and legendary personalities have confirmed its status as a fan favorite experience.

    6. Dishonored Game
    Dishonored Universe is celebrated for its stealthy gameplay and one-of-a-kind environment. Fans embrace the character of a extraordinary killer, navigating a urban environment filled with governmental danger.

    7. Assassin's Creed

    As a component of the acclaimed Assassin's Creed collection, Assassin's Creed is beloved for its captivating narrative, captivating gameplay, and era-based environments. It stays a noteworthy title in the collection and a iconic amidst enthusiasts.

    In closing, the universe of videogames is flourishing and constantly evolving, with new developments

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